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 For Provocating II

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Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: For Provocating II   Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:14 pm

Nothing changed and I'm still without sex can not stop telling myself.
Yes, yes, it's also valve for the animal woken up in me from last wees. It's good, the geek role and talk.
Do I really write english so bad? When I read it I get affraid
Now I think I'd be the same if naked woman appear to my eyes.
If I had some porno I would masturbate myself. Laughing
Well, for today is enough!
All on SOCIAL or on me. You See. LOUNGE!
It was Created like appart from the Reason, Original of Forum. I'm Using till new order.
The naked talk is like vengeance sex, addictive.
But I'm going throuhg, after this talk.
love smiley flower
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: For Provocating II   Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:37 pm


I had never been called "lice". Laughing
I Do Sportive ways Accept it.
I Deserve.
Arthur's Post was about me, Nothing about others.
But I Do Admit I've been not clear enough. What I say it's True!

It was so Good to See the Idea IN MY MIND about All those years.
Vengeance Sex, Vengeance Sex. At last I Understood the pain and the emptiness. At last!
party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley party smiley

(this is Tom Hanks dancing with John Candy in "Splash")

And I Love (yes I Love myself so Much) how I explained relationship, from distant horizon of sex with ladies-girls: zebras and leopard me. Looking at them, and saying "look at the lines of that, and that other one...". At last, nothing else but Confusing and Frustrating for Not Having All, and at the same time.
Apollo's Temple (curls included Laughing ) was Opened on Elevation 24 h a day. So, what happened? Smile
Things were so different from today. Relationships boys and girls. Have Truly changed.
Maybe suggestion, but I am scraping my hairhead. Laughing
But it's True. Rolling Eyes Smile
Well, Going beyond Sensitivity of too Seriously taken things.
It's True that chip jumped when Dowtown, it's True. I could even notice the click in my head, I could even notice. Now I'm quite fine.
Ready for the next attack in the cinema. Names, measures... All!
I got angry for movie.
I GOT ILL FOR THE MASACRE! And for the, LIKE BEFORE WHEN YOUNGER, inner distorsioned Idea about Human in my head. All became darkness beyond common sense.
I Mean: Controlling ALWAYS, AS ALWAYS IN LIFE (I KNOW ME!), but Devastated about some Feeling (not Real, because too Partial because of Focused only on Bad Side) about Human, like violation of one person in India.
It was my Mad Exploding!

ps: I don't care very much about what You can call me now. I'm so Focused on having Fun!

psII: Always had fun (too much) about orders from my mother. She too soft about me (and sisters). Controller, yes, but discipline or orders like nothing. I Always Felt FREE, TRULY. Differently from when started dating Xisca. Then Fights came. And I Did what I Wanted.
Very Focused in her kids. Yes, not sane, I know. But...

Well, I said I'm going to Have FUN!
Not so Focused on Forum. Yes, yes, I Still Feel magnetic Attraction, but I can go.
To Understand those things, Truly Understand, was so GOOD!

PSIII: I'm not saying like David: just tell me if you want me to go, because it's nonsense. No answers. So, having some fun. I am feeling like those times, when my sister and me having fun by making clown in the middle of people.
Now I'm touching my...

Good Love!!
I'm Feeling LIBERATION NOW! Working on Good Emotion!
love smiley
party smiley
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: For Provocating II   Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:43 pm


I Admit that when I came at Feinstein's was not sure if, in case moving a finger, my hand would come to your neck to catch it.
It was big amount of Tension. Was not sure. Big Mix of things Happening and Being Remembered in my Head.
Now I Know it could Never happen. Not because I can't (I already erased my father, it's True, in a bad moment, for saving my family), it's just because it doesn't worth it. Never!
action smiley

Good bye. Let's Hope Human One Day will Start to Understand what Love and Peace Truly Means, and be Wise enough for going beyond Superfficiality that feeds ego and that is feeded by stupidity and hate.
That's my last Wish.
With Love,
love smiley

ps: psh, psh, is she really as bad as it seems, and cold?
Oh my!
Some fun! It's good ending!
Smile Smile Smile
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: For Provocating II   Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:23 pm


first of All, to say Videos are just out of time Fantasies, out of space too. Nothing in common with real life at this moment.
Careful about offending or anything (specially - or, better said, only Laughing Smile - when calm).
Truly, Love You.
I Made poem Better. I'm posting.
Some Videos evening.
Those things about fears of mine, do not listen that much, it's Normal, We All Do Have.
I Love You!!
But it's True, Love HURTS, Very Much.
cheers come here with me Freddy (brother on splashing) party smiley
flower party smiley love smiley party smiley flower
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: For Provocating II   Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:56 am

Hi How are things!
Smile Smile 

Today woke up a little sooner. Rested well. It's the Summer.
Goint to say focused in Trying "big reading" that means Relaxed one that's key for concentrating well for memory and, after, SO IMPORTANT, Think about it and for more deeper conclusions.
I'm Doing and Enjoying. Delightful to me. And if can be useful...
One thing that have to say is the fact I'm not posting my academic task Here because I HONESTLY think it's not the right place.
This is not that formalistic. Essence of my ideas I've Truly Shared, and will be doing. But posting here my work for master studios... rolleeye smiley Smile 
I'm sure about the fact You All Do Agree about it!
Keep on Sharing!
And Thank You Very Much for Pictures, Video and All, from Heart!
flower love smiley love smiley love smiley flower 

Those News about Brooke Work... Wow, She Never stops. Oh my!
I'm the same, actually. Not for imitation, but for what life has bringed to me, and I Do Accept. Not exactly fate, in my point of view, but Truly Admit something natural.
About poems... I'm not inspired for poems, when do think so much, many times too much (All Professors are Trying to put me a little lower, and I'll Take Care, True!), can not be that much inspired. But I'll write more poems in the future, yes I'll do. It's even very possible I may start, in the future, to write about different subjects, like Philosophy Ones. Never Forgeting the Romantic.
Well, we'll see as times keeps going. I'm focused in Good/Moderate/Healthy Working Now!
Oh, and fortunetely it's friday, weekend for rest and all.
Oh my, the only truth is that it's friday! Laughing Smile 
No, really. Will rest for all saturday. All Day, not a book or paper.
And Truly LIKED so Much Video Wanda and Brooke, FUNNY and so CLOSE FRIENDLY.
Sometimes, when See these things, TRULY THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH WOULD HAVE LIKED THINGS HAD RUN DIFFERENT. But well, it's what it is, and Here We can Do many things for Good.
About Good News (bad news not necessary to be told Here): Liberations, and, in Spanish, Need "el bisturí inteligente para el cáncer; aplicaciones futuras de las células madre; el mejor conocimiento de la mente de los simios, nuestros ancestros...".
Well, I Love You, God Bless, Tell her too, Please!
cheekey smiley Brooke, Love You for All of Life and Heaven!! cheekey smiley 
flower love smiley flower 
action smiley 
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PostSubject: Re: For Provocating II   

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For Provocating II
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