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 Good-bye Brooke Shields!

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Good-bye Brooke Shields! Empty
PostSubject: Good-bye Brooke Shields!   Good-bye Brooke Shields! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2018 2:10 am

The complexity of the loss is Not Hurting anymore.
Adiós, Brooke! 
Even though All, im sending my Hearted Best Wishes so True!
Its not Hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  party smiley wave cheers
We are All going to be OK, i Feel.
Its a New time to me, Fulfilled with many daily Problems, but i Feel Hope and Thankfulness for All of my Life, my Birth Gifts, my Goodness, my teaching mistakes...
Im Sure All things are going to Get Better and Better (the less or more slow testosterona decreasing is Also Helping; cause to See... You Know... I cant fall on sexism again, but natural instincts in asperger but very Intense People are Real; so, still working but Much Calmer Helps the Calm!).
Bye, Goodness!
Now to rest, for Best physical  Recovering possible, to be Ready Soon to Work onbrain again; and publish Soon too.
See!  action smiley
Attending to the real lack of True Care for me; its so True that a working Life mixing the sociality of a "Grey" public Worker and Nietzsche does not look so bad at All!  In fact, to a Selfconfidente asperger... Thats even Great!
Good, Joy, Hope.  Well be OK i Guess, after All.  I Think its Possible i get some real social Respect and recognizing someday, and this means Living condiciones of my Family and me can Improved, and i can even bring a little social Help...
Come on!  Here we go, Humble and a priori Satisfied by myself and my People!  So True!
Good-bye, See on books i Hope!
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 14178
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

Good-bye Brooke Shields! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Good-bye Brooke Shields!   Good-bye Brooke Shields! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2018 10:04 am

At work again. The last weeks have been Tough, and I Did all the very best I Could.
I am not coming to start again any virtual thing.
Just as long as the last messages were done under some painful mood, for the circumstances of the Mom (and the important grade of anxiety for editing the book on those circumstances), I wanted to properly say Good-bye Better. geek tongue smiley but Really.
I know Brooke, and many more ones, thought of me as a Real mad dangerous thing, schizophrenia and so, or simply a bad clown with no importance. And it's not a suspicious thought, evidences on it have been and are Real in my Living.
And this can not be changed. C'est La Vie. This is the Life, and I'll Not be the last missunderstood, by his-herself or, also, for the added fact of being less or more dumb me or direct me.
And it's OK. The Life has to go on.
From this point, from the Too Obvious Fact of Never Getting a direct answer and from the point nothing changed around me for years (I'll go to the telephone company, to officially ask for a certificate upon my cell on being hacked and spied, or not Suspect , and so), I see the Morally Appropriated thing to do is what I'm doing.
I'll be Fine, and Working hard (I'll come to announce, even though I know it will be known, the publishing of the book; I know things like the Care for the Earth -take a look at last IV Milenio TV affraid - is Needing Much Practic and Urgent Solutions than my insignificant books, but this is my Natural, and from my autism asperger is all I can do).
Please tell Brooke She'll Always be in my Heart.
And that I'm not angry or deceived with her. Circumstances... My Goodness... wave
For that All, I'll Never try to get physical (or virtual) close to her again, for a simple Matter of Respect, for Her and for Myself; but if one day, in the Future, She ever came to talk to me, I Promise I'd be quite Happy and Friendly Kind. True. She's so Beautiful, the Heart too!
Good-bye, hasta siempre, fins llavors!
flower love smiley flower

ps: the Book is a Good brutality, Difficult but good. Poorly practic, but theorically Tremendous I think. Yes, on campaing, but you know it's How I'm FEELING so True, cause if it was different, I would not say those words; as I did not, by instance, about my Poems (yes, they were less or more good, but the subjectivity...). I'll announce the hopefully final publishing here. Bye Good action smiley Smile tongue smiley
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Good-bye Brooke Shields!
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