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 Some of my favorite TV series of all Time!

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PostSubject: Some of my favorite TV series of all Time!   Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:35 am

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PostSubject: Re: Some of my favorite TV series of all Time!   Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:38 pm

Razz flower Razz

Obviously; I'm posting this for having a result of 200 "vius" ("jo soc molt viu", which is not only staying alive, but also being smart) geek Laughing bounce
On the going well.
Took a read to 1.2 (edited till the 1.3.3, easy, each day more: first chapters were more created from the same fundaments, so abstract, of my theories, these ones are constructive critics on Masters Descartes, Kant...; it's all much specific and determined); and I'm satisfied but not jumping to the moon. CAuse little mistakes, cause literary style (many repetitions) and for haven't explained well enough the logic cercle of the languaje (lazy; Nietzsche said it, less or more, so me... sleeping smiley on).
If there's no creativity, it would not matter if somebody could know all words and all of their meanings for each one, if this person could not make the combination of meanings upon some objectified reality (not only scientist, by instance me using evolutive theory or neuroscience) that's at once symbolized by the language to be expressed (not necessarily when it's thought, by "images" of mind -though they're not totally separable from the words and their semantics) getting by abstraction new places of meaning, it would be impossible to go on the intellectual progress.
This opening is the same computers haven't but human have.  Computers have logic, the closing cercle of Nietzsche (he did not understood this, not only cause he had not computers around, but also cause he was too focused in critizising Descartes and following culture by just and simply the using of the same kind of reason he founded).
And it's the key of all my philosystem.
I'm using many arguments through the essay for studying all dimmensions and sides possible of the problem.
Key of all is to be able to create new meanings, and for this we need the logic cercle of language, as what we previoiusly know connected as some sense, supposedly close; but which is not cause we can, by trascending and abstraction, create new meanings, inclusive of the previous ones: this means understanding more the reality, any kind or part of it.
Mine, on the tractatus geek tongue smiley , is the "Teoria del conocimiento", or the nature, fundaments and limits of our reason.
flower love smiley flower

Good Hug Beautiful and Loving!!
flower cheers cheekey smiley hasi love smiley hasi cheekey smiley cheers flower
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Some of my favorite TV series of all Time!
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