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 Book is finished.

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PostSubject: Book is finished.   Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:11 pm

After brutal normal efforts, its done (Know its known), yesterday.
Now to publish.
Ill not come to say It when happen but You can Stay tunned to internet books, ill Try publish by Amazon site.
Everybody can Help their own way.
Helping, to my Consciousness Does mean to stop posting here (Fundamental Rights are Not something to Get secondary positions, its too important).
Anyway, have to say im NOT hating Brooke Shields, Always a Love in my Heart (very Peaceful and Happy and Kind if She ever in person talked to me).
Best Wishing for Wisdom and Goodness.
Sorry for Big letters, im writing on cells and i Cant change this thing that was done automáticamente (as many other strange things happening: Somebody Does instead of me without my Agreements; this is a serious part pf the XXI Living).
Im on Big fatigue but OK.
Here we go.
Greetings Hearted.
(Im too exhausted to cheer for myself on my Own, but the book is a top in my Life; no Matter the social forsaking; its Tremendous and the Feeling of have been Fair to my Duty is HEAVENLY to me).
Mom is Getting Better,  It Will be OK.  Ill be Caring.
Bye.  Me Respectful (no reverences; Respect first means to Care for Dignity of other Ones).
Ill be recovered in couple weeks.  Next month start to Work for another Balanced WISE book.  Im Not obsessed, ill be Living too,.  its a Hobby, very important to me.
PS: editing post: the directed bits Changed to normal letters size, its usual.  This is the Life.
Comparedly, my books are insignificant; Just a hobby, Poorly useful for anything good, though done Heartedly.  Ill be Trying to Live with Dignity for my Family and for me, and on a Calm Balanced Living.
 And  at this exact moment, goal from Spain!!!  wave cheers party smiley

Good Good-bye!   action smiley tongue smiley
And i Think Brooke Shields is a very Admirative Person; problems i had were cause ofo circunstances, my lack of Care, too many People involved and human nature.  I dont Think It was Her fault.
She is a Married Woman...
I was Searching for Hope of Spirituality...
I was wrong, Developing an obsessive and selfish and childish Behaviour.
For each day i have seen more clearly im autist asperger, and its been tragic to Admit It; but now im OK with myself, hoping People be Sensitive about It, for real sometime (i cant be Thankful for the "treatment", cause It was on lack of humanized Touch on too many sides; but i Dont want vengeance for It, cause i Know i Helped other People by handling things; but please, its Enough; Distanced asperger Free to chose ownity Human Right).
Im full of Good Energy, by Just one day resting.
I Really Must Go, i Know; but im going Fine.
Life, and Metaphysics (of mind, of Soul...) Can be si Beautiful.
And today i Know most of practic decissions in my Life, not the virtual  Laughing, after All, were Good (obviously, the theoretic are more than good...  geek).
God Bless!
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13901
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: Book is finished.   Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:08 am

Well Exhausted.
Life goes on.
Beside all the problems and unjustified and unuseful stress (killing thing, in fact) I have been and I am under, you can tell Brooke Shields I think/feel she's a Good Person. It's just Good People "collided" in VERY BAD circumstances and times.
Now I really must go.
Hoping this Life gets a Little better.
For All.
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Book is finished.
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