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 To Brooke Beautiful!

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PostSubject: To Brooke Beautiful!   Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:04 am

Obviously NOT for stalking, but for some years sense on Laughing and Razz  cheekey smiley
Some of my Favorite, even now.  Tremendous lol! , even though the eternal "failing" geek Laughing Razz
Respectfully.  Master Piece!
The Same  Smile
 cheers  flower love smiley  flower  cheers

ps: and, Obviously, when I talked about the hotel mirror I was not making hate to Gaga's, True.  Just a general laugh.

psII: actually, a little more calmer cause book is almost finished (the potential editor has a Nice web site I did see, we'll see), and the Official work is very well on order at this time of the year.  Inertial mind will be calmed for sure (last months have been brutal, on stress and efforts) on vacation.
Sorry me for saying, but this essay is... my goodness.

psIII: I Love You, Brooke.

psIV; Life's Beautiful.  Specially when there's Health, Wisdom and Peace on it.
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Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: To Brooke Beautiful!   Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:42 pm

Very few Movies are as Beautiful, Funny and Lovely as this to me.
Dreamy cheers cheekey smiley hasi cheekey smiley cheers
flower love smiley flower
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Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: To Brooke Beautiful!   Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:57 am


Very Nice Pictures!
Maybe a Little too much of "handsomery", highness and so involved with the Beauties, but it's OK geek Smile Razz
Very Relaxing and Calming to me, those Beautiful Faces and Playful Fine Expressions of You cheekey smiley action smiley Smile
Good Books for Kids are Fundamental!  Great!
I Admit Most of Days I'm quite out of any ilussion upon the future and about the real chances for making the world a Little better a safer place, cause the biologic bases translated into the historical contexts and the emotional wills are not much inspirational, usually and only holding very few exceptions on mind.
But Honest and Intelligent Education is Fundamental.  To Help the Kids to Read and to Think and to Feel is Great!
(joking  Razz : as Much as Good Boo.S  geek clown  Laughing when they are Lovely Adorable Babies... Good milk cheers ; though the title I'd use related to it could change from the other one...  Smile  Laughing )
I'm Focused in Working Well too, that's All I Have, next to the Family (imperfect for sure).  Other things, like hating or getting nervous for the impossibility to see a chance, or getting involved with nonsense discussions... That I'm Not going to do.  I'll write the book.  I'm on very good development.  From my very varied experiences, I'm Not expecting any kind of social/economical/cultural success, but it's what I have to and can do.  So Good  tongue smiley
Very Adorable Faces and Staying, Brooke Shields.
Big Kind Gentle kiss&hug of Endless Loving!
flower  love smiley  flower

ps: I actually Like, among other People, Michio Kaku. Very Brilliant and Opened Mind, both things Do Always Go Together. He's not feeling fear from prospective arguments, and he uses very complex and multiple combinations of known situations. It's not only interesting, but also very funny.
About Cosmology, I Admit the Big Bang Theroy (Non TV Razz ) Razz has got Proves that are Not just "inditiary" at all, but from the argument of the bases of our cognitive structures (I'm, explaining main characters related and connected to reality on my essay), and from the argument of sciencie history (before and "during" Darwin there were very hard proves upon the fact we're not descending/sharing "clades" from/with the primates as chimpanzes or their ancestors: LANGUAGE, such a qualitatively big difference); I think it's Always risked, any consideration around it, the Big Bang. By isntance, time did not exist before, OK, but are you sure time does exist now,or it's just something other bodies/minds feel/call as time, though by very objectively founded considerations as long as we die and objects go along the time moving, From this ontoepistemologic perspective, Strings Theory is to be Considered. I mean, Mathematics are Not Always the conjunction/projection of the "Reality", but the fact this Theory is Departuring from factic events non only theorics does bring some important Fundament. In any case, I should also add the transposition of the equations to conceptualized realities, as "number of dimensión" or the same concept of "dimensión", it's Always something to take under "...", cause we're limited. I mean: we're trying to understand ALL by our reason, which was created by this ALL... it's not very logic to think it's possible. It's a PRECONDITION to any Knowledge we may be developing. In fact, the Word "subject" does mean what's "under, prior..." to the "object" (this is Historic and also Autoevident, as aristotle principle of identitidy, metalogically argumenting; Getting Directly Involved with the Bases of our Cognitive System); and when the "object" is "prior" to us, maybe we should get a Little more precautious and get more conscious of All the things Involved. For these things, among many others, the Philosophy is so Important. Just my opinión.
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PostSubject: Re: To Brooke Beautiful!   

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To Brooke Beautiful!
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