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 Posts de macho!

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Anzahl der Beitr├Ąge : 13968
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Posts de macho!   Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:56 pm

Hi! Smile

I thought about inaugurating a new subject and title when I was coming. It's extremely Laughing childish to me.
I mean, I Really like to be an human male, but the self- lol! is good sometimes.
Ressonancing OK, I came! geek
But I have to take care about the way I'm typing, shoulders next to the table, arms supported by it, and neck straight. Much philosophy but... scratch Embarassed Laughing
We're talking about the title! geek
Well, news are good. Very.
Before going I finished very fast the typing of the 8.4 (adding mereologic to the title). Fine.
Well, asperger is what it is, and it's not that bad. I know, for my rationalized experience, that the most important is the cognitive therapy, not the conductist. You can combine the second one with the first, but this Always needs, for the health of the subject, the mature agreement of a quite self-conscious Person.
Well, now back to the task.
Good Brooke hugs!!
flower cheers love smiley cheers flower
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Anzahl der Beitr├Ąge : 13968
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: Posts de macho!   Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:34 pm

geek Smile Hi again!

As I and my brain (two ones, then geek Laughing Razz ) are resting from the abstractivity on the "total essence of the reality" scratch What a Face Question (wow, that's enormous hormonating source Laughing lol! bounce ), I see my brain so Fast. The working has been like the "old" times.
But did not come for talking about this. But about the way I write. You see how my brain works? this is Continued, when I let it think (I stopped for a while, Manuel Good workmate did entered the room for Working stuff), this is happening Always.
It's Good, but it's Limitating, to what's related to the daily living, specially what's related to the social relatioships: I See Too Many CONNECTIONS There, on Too Many Sides of them, and it's tough to get relaxed and natural. Already Impossible, if there're not the Appropieated Conditions of Confidence and Stability.
It's autism, moderated as asperger, but it's what it is.
Science does not know the real causes of it, and neither the whole variety of sympthoms or individual characteristics (as I've seen to what's related to the "treatment" of my case). I am in the same situation.
But we both know there's an anormal level of connectivity in the neural systems, too many ones which theorically should not be always this way. I mean, "normal" People has the same chances of connections, but they don't "bring" their brains in those quantities of connections. They're more efficient, and also versatile, cause their brains is more adaptable to different situations, corresponding to them. The asperger is more "monolitic". As long as it's moderated, can do almost the same things as the "normal" people, for many times, appearently; but it's difficult to keep the same level of flexible dynamism at all the same fields of the living.
I am this way since I can remember. I explained it. And I think I was dyagnosed, though I think there was not total agreement on it, or it did not much mind very much.
Well, in any case, it's true.
Though, those connections are good, cause they bring to you many possibilities about the same thing, even with no needs for much focusing. When you get focused high, happens that things get even more "connected", but also "analysed". From this, by the "recombination" of the analytic results all human thinking does mean (at this, we are the same as the "normal" ones), you may be can achieve deeper level of understanding, at some branches of the knowledge.
My branch is what I said, so presumptuousily but with natural non Very Happy , the "total essence of the reality". I am really good at it, though unperfect, and I think results will be agreed someday, the most of them.
But I'm "limited" at some other more "normal" sides of the existence. It's Normal.
I'm telling this all not just for me; but as a Claiming for the Benefit of All the People, and Specially when Kids, that may be in the same situation.
Nobody is the same, but there're Universal Structures we All Share. Into this, there're also collectivities that share some special characteristics, like the dislexic, aspergerian...
It's Good, to make them All Visible. For Justice and Equality, by some Recognizing of the Special Needs of them All for Getting the Real Chance to Be the Same as the Rest.
The legal equality is to treat different the different, by some Key Criteria of Equanimity. If not, the Law is Always Incomplete and Defficient, somehow.
flower love smiley flower

ps: this "philoresting" of the brain is feeling Well! wave tongue smiley cheers study Smile
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Posts de macho!
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