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 My boss is not exactly loving me

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PostSubject: My boss is not exactly loving me   Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:32 pm

I'm not much used to do these things, but I think it's a matter of Justice, and I am till the top.
My actual boss, Pilar del Castillo, seems to be a little obsessed with me.
I'm going to the outside at the last time of the morning, for attention of the telephone.  Coincidences have been that we have met for the last two days when I was arriving and she was going.
"we'¡ll talk tomorrow, she has said".
Please, with all these people using and watching, somebody tell this woman to start just be a Fair Normal Person, and Stop having his frustration (whatever the type they may be) Focused in me (very weird things use to happen).
What the hell is happening with you all?
I've been Working hard for all of the morning, ass on the chair.
Xisca has fallen down today too.
My mood is not much for Hitlers punishing me for Gratuit or Hate, whatever their sex may be.
I See I'm More HATED and FORGOTTEN than I thought by More People than I had though.  What's happening with you?  I know you All know me.
I was going to share the point 1.2, and it's the last thing I'm wishing now, but I'¡ll do.  This person, and anybody else either, is not going to break my mind or my heart.
I'm Much More Interiorizedly Calm, related to the Actions, than you all may think.
What's happening
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My boss is not exactly loving me
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