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 On Craig's!

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PostSubject: On Craig's!   Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:12 pm

I Adore this Blinding Staying Standing Star of You, More than words can say.

at Feinstein's I got crazy for so many things.
"Barbotine" Embarassed was one of the main reasons True.
I was thinking and telling to myself: and this is all, this is it, piece of an a...?
So much Light, Heavenly Feelings, Sworns, Poems...
And this is what you, my "lover limit Soul" of mine Salvador, is offering at first close sight to her?
I was really Twisted Evil /No , and I was looking Not exactly friendly to my own heart. Very, VERY wave Evil or Very Mad at myself, though it was something in a (AWAY from pedant just True) real profound stream of self-deception in my mind.
So real that this only reason was INVALIDATING my capacity for Expressing myself as I Was Wanting, for a Feeling on myself as a TRUE unsincere person.
For REal.
It's Childish and STUPID, but it's Real and True I SWEAR action smiley Embarassed Exclamation
flower cheers love smiley cheers flower
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On Craig's!
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