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PostSubject: VOTA PODEMOS!   Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:24 pm

I'll use this forum for propagandistic expression of the True Goodness from Honest Pablo Iglesias and his Party, the only One who's Supporting Poor People (most of all in Spain), who's Recognizing there has to be Elections for deciding if we have to still be a kingdom or a Republic, and the True Law and Transparency.
These dual parties (PSOE and PP, and probably a supposedly more formal instance of the state) are connect to conspiracy and want to put me down.
They don't care for the people, the non protected, the poor ones and the "desarraigados". Their goal is Simply the Power. And they're ready to do anything for get it. People is secondary. Power and electoral results, nothing else. For not talking about cases of Corruption.
I'll Get Afiliated to this Party Podemos, and I'll Support them in All I Legally Can. I'd like to meet Pablo Iglesias, someday. Nice Person. Just one like me, who got up to his place from away and out of the politic class (sons and daughters of previous social and economically powerful ones).
I see the war has just gone to higher levels.
it's possible somebody someday may get injured. Before dying, I Swear somebody will be.
flower love smiley flower

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Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: VOTA PODEMOS!   Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:00 pm

I'm quite Happy.
Well, first of all have to say that when talked about injuries it was only about EXCLUSIVELY self-defense, ONLY.
As long as I'm being too much attacked, I think I'll have an infart if I don't react.
Moral Reasons Pull me too, though I was too much abstractively focused in my task of Philosophy.
I'll not take this to hell, but I do have to react for both reasons. Dignity for my own person and Dignity for my Moral Reason.
Both major parties in this country are too much dirty roots for any real turn into more democratic, wise, moral, transparent, fair, empathic to citizens and dignifying party.
It's made of Wise People, some from Academic Studies on Politics (all geniuses) and some from the Daily Living.
And, the same important: they're not corrupted by the past connivencies in the politics world of Spain.
I Admit I'm SCARED, because the other day, while Listening to Pablo Iglesias on TV, the light of the house did fall for three times, coming back instantaneously. And for many other things, like the psyconeighbours (probably in some intelligence service=not much problems for killing or seriously injuring other, any, people).
But I Have to Do this. I've Been too Much Pulled.
And I'll Give All of me and my Efforts to this Party, for this Democratic Victory on the next 20-D.
In fact, to be coherence to my theoric opinions on philosophy is naturally bringing me to this politic and institutional place. It's a matter of Coherence, Bravery and Dignity. And Empathy Who All in Real Need in Spain.
The economics talking from Pablo Iglesias Did REally Convince me for one main thing: the freedom for regulating economy is much huger than many ones (PP and PSOE, by instance) has been wanting to make us all believe. Even though the "advices" from UE or the FMI or..., I Know it's Possible to Make a Better Country for All of the People in it.
Sí, Podemos!!!
flower love smiley flower
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Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: VOTA PODEMOS!   Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:11 am

I can understand very well what Pablo Iglesias mean, when he says they dont accep the european values.
In the deep, hes talking about the reasons why what we all kn ow as the "fabrica de sueños, Hollywood, is some core of the wildest materialism, not marxian terms but ontologic and moral, as Christmas festivities are based upon the market lights, etc.
But, is it possible to change all these social fundaments of the "burguesia" principles -first commercial, after industrial and lately financial, in a process as old as history of our societies in fact-,
materialist liberalism, or it is not?
I admit to be so sceptic about it. I think its in our gens.
Domination and fight for the social (economic and politic mainly, and, though in fact, very little terms, comparedly, intellectual too) Power
will Only dissapear all along with
the human societies.
We can be part of it all, and leave empathy only for the private living?
Well, in fact, we should not but we all, with ver few exceptions, can.
Because the magic of the Sense Narrative is key for separating the same core of our existences in as many parts as we may need or want.
And we all Want to be Good, with some exceptions; and we All want to feel the Power...
Good night, by not selfpunishing but just admiting the truth.
Can we change, as human universality and qualitative terms?
Well, i Know and Feel that me, as Others, have truly improved...
Is that proved skills enough?
Only time will tell.
Seeing, a Good hug.
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PostSubject: Re: VOTA PODEMOS!   

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