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 Opened letter. Kind but sincere, gently try.

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PostSubject: Opened letter. Kind but sincere, gently try.   Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:44 am

I've sent this letter to Marcos, by mail. As long as it's normal thing, I wanted to post something that may reflect better my inner mental and heart state, and my normal usual manners to people (different to the forum, answering everybody and so, pulled).
"My very appreciated friend,

I'm sending this message to you, as the most constant and friendly person I've found in the internet.
Remembering things, I have to say Thank You for all Pictures you sent me of Brooke. Blessing!
I've posted in the forum I'm going. If you follow it someday, I have very big task ahead for almost 2 years, and I can not handle all the efforts I'd need at once. Need so Much Energy and Concentration, and Peace.
I did also wanted to ask you for something. May you be Please tell Brooke, if you can reach, that I'm Always be her Friend, and that I'll Always be her Fan and Artistic Life Follower, Loving her.
Also, if possible, may you tell her Please that I Understand all the things happened in the past. Because now that I'm on my "mind's place" normal, I see how those poems were a little crazy and too heavy stuff, for anybody. Out of place. In any case, they could only be sent well to the universe, as an existentital shout raising the vital moment, but not to a married person who did not know me at all.
One day or another, I'll be passing by the forum, to see if there's some new post. I'll be very low at it, not much posting, but I'll Always, though not as usually as before, be there following, Truly Friendly.
Thank You so Much!
Bye, see you,
Salvador Rodríguez Barceló"
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Opened letter. Kind but sincere, gently try.
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