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PostSubject: MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL!   Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:00 am

Oh my Goodness, again.
It's Good when it's Up, but it's also Tremendous when it's Down ( Smile Laughing Razz Laughing Smile ).
If I am not making some geek I'm under the proved risk of getting too much speechless.
And You're TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL for this.
Though the Reason of my Speechlessism is the Fact You're TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL.
Here We Go!! wave cheers Smile
I don't actually think at all the Feinstein's had a piece of bad thing.  I SWEAR.
I Was so Desperated for Embracing You, and the impossibility I had to face then made me mad, for years.
Truly Hope some day You may Forgive me for all the wave / cheekey smiley throwing for last years.
I think and feel, for last Pictures, this may have Happened.  And I'm so Happy for this and for being wise and honest enough to tell the Truth.
When we meet again, You will not get saved at any time from the Tightest Hug of History!! action smiley cheekey smiley Razz
God Bless You!!
See later in a little while, on the Tasking hard.
Thank You for Existing, You're Like Made in Heaven to me, Always!!
flower cheers love smiley cheers flower
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