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 Good and Good is Good!

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PostSubject: Re: Good and Good is Good!   Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:43 am

How Beautiful New Videos, Brooke; and, Very Specially, One Picture!!!
Sending Good Spirits, How Lovely action smiley Smile Razz
cheers Loving! cheers
flower love smiley flower
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13968
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: Good and Good is Good!   Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:21 am

Mine is not a crime of Hate to jail.  My Hate is so Big, so Big, that to Keep this feeling inside should Kill a Person; but its All motivated.  I say i Hate, with no names, and that i Hate for the Evil done; but im Not saying to others to Hate too, and im Not offending anybody (the límited intelligence around world is a fact, not an insult); im Just saying i Hate for this, and i Cant evitate though im Wishing to save my physical and social Life.  But i Cant cause its actually my Core, after All.
Also, im saying: dont hate; First harm is for the haters.
Also, im saying i handle the Devil by saying and doing Just and simply Nothing.
And i Swear It.
And my past Proves.  And my Family telling too.
Its Not a crime, its a Cross for Life, this unknown Hate You taught me to Feel.
And its happening Nothing else but my suffering/death.
Only Self-defense.  Im Training for It on these last months.  Body so Well, balance, movements of body and of he brain,; remembering All i knew and Improving It.
Just for Survival.  Dangerous me, in case of being attacked physical, ONLY.  
True.  My Self-control is the one that has a piece of ice.  I Dont hate All, only the organization.  When i Walk along street, i Dont search for fights, and i Just take Care, Non looking at People to Hurt them.  True.  Even immersed un this brutal conspiracy of the Devil, i See Well the difference between a Person and one thats been disturbing and destroying my Life, director or by plan or supporting; but even before these, im Aware Only as Self-defense Mode.  Think, i have handled All for years with doing Nothing. Its True my Hate now is at The supreme limit, but Also my Self-control Training.  So, the same.
Last post.  Peacefully and Developing Normal my Duties.  Give me the chance and youll see.
Never Friendly at Heart with the organization, but Fixed so Well to Keep Doing my daily obligations with the usual Brightness/normality.
I Think i Deserve this chance.
Bye Forever.  I Wishing i could say Well Never get around, though i Know its Just a dream and that my only scape is suicide.  Its fine.  Wait for some years, when i am legtimitated, and youll see how im going away from You forever. Now i Still cant.  Mom... Responsible Loving Thankful Honest son me.  And i Love Her, though to others in Family too.  But She Loves me so...
Well, bye.
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Good and Good is Good!
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