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 To a Woman. Wich Woman? The Figure of The Woman.

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PostSubject: To a Woman. Wich Woman? The Figure of The Woman.   Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:21 pm


What happened to Alan Turing because of being gay, the chemical castration, is not my case, though the intense tries for a psycologic type (though I guess that for many, being a stalker -UNTRUE-, poor, non anglosaxon and truly bright -TRUE- are more than enough reasons for keep on trying Laughing Smile ).
I Do Still and Truly Love Women.
Maybe I am not reaching Parrish, who was Loved by them All; but I think in my case it's me who already Love them All.
As Machado says, the physic presence is a limitation of the mental and hearted recreation of the Loved One, at the very least, we must understand, when this who is thinking is a Poet.
This has Happened to me for Life.
So, it's Time for me to Accept my Intense Transcending Romanticism for the Love.
And for speaking out loud, for some moment only, because I Do Actually Talk, Usually, to the Human; to the Figure of The Woman.
For this, this Videos is nothing personal, but just my fever recreation (mainly because I'm a double Rodriguez, on these days Laughing Smile ).
There's such a Big Lack of Empathy and Love in this World.
flower love smiley flower
God Bless!
A walking, Singing and Dancing Heart, Fulfilled with such a Great Talent.
Well, Beautiful, I See a Bright Future Working so Hard for All of my Life. And Loving. And Loving!
flower love smiley flower
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To a Woman. Wich Woman? The Figure of The Woman.
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