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 To the powers that sent those beings to be evil and stupid neighbours real life

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PostSubject: To the powers that sent those beings to be evil and stupid neighbours real life   Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:48 am

good morning,

this is not said to Brooke Shields. And I don't know if it's much Teri, but There is Up going.
Yesterday's night I did Read quite Well, and fell less or more easy slept. But at 2:52 pm a brutal noise behind the wall where those being supposedly are living. I did really Mad , I was sleeping so Well. I did see the 6 pm, though I could fall sleep again till 8:30.
These hidden powers, do you really think I'm going to handle this evil and attempts against my Citizen Rights for always? For so long years, at this moment I can count.
And I am not going to say anything about the Spying of my Private Life.
What's about Human Rights, you know something about that?
Spying is more difficult to control to me, but these noises are going to end immediately from this day.
I'm giving you an only one chance. If they don't stop doing any kind of noise, for each simple day, from 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., NOT A SIMPLE NOISE, and leaving the rest of the day for the Normal noises of Normal life, but not stupidly intentioned ones; I will not come Here any more.
You Listen, there's only one chance. If tonight any noise in these conditions I said, one week no coming. And not coming back till a complete week of Normal Fair Behaviour from those beings behind the wall. If again evil and stupid, one month, etc.
Things are going to have consequences, you're not so directional as you think. Would you like a totalitarist state or something like that but for private (I don't exactly know who's behind this conspiracy).
To be True I am Very Worried about my own security, and so Much about Security of my People -till that point I think the lack of Morals from you does get-; but I have to do this.
Staying is against my Principles -I've been Working so Much and quite well I Know, Sharing Only for Love and Solidarity- and Against Human Rights, Dignity. This Choice is also a Role Model Decission to me.
My Moral Choice is going to let me so Calm and Satisfied.
First, because I Know Brooke Shields does Not need me Here. And, also, because I Know She'd Do the Same thing (don't think She had had handled 1/4 of what I've been handling). And, also, in the very remote case She would want any human touch with me, She has quite enough information on a couple of places for letters or telephones.
Second, because All I've Shared is quite Enough for Making Sense. Talking now about All People who may be Interested.
Anyway, I'll come for saying the Editorial and the place where my future book will be able to be purchased and bought.
Working for Good, Want to Help.
Also, have to say that I'm so Happy for the Treatment in my Working place. This Good Staying, my Best in Life, is Helping so Much to me for Trying to Reach All Goals of Reason and Heart I Know I can Achieve. I'll be so Thankful and I'll Always Remember and Say it Out Loud Always. And talking about these actual Legal Bosses I have now, so Good, or those I may have in the future. Their Help by the Good Dealing will be Always Recognized!
And, last thing in this point, second one not Mad , after the last one: yesterday did Watch John Turturro's Movie, number 168... Beautifully Made, Nice and Touching! And the Cast: Woody Allen... And All as Tremendous on their Roles! These things Do Really Help!
flower love smiley flower

ps: hidden powers, Remember what I said; last chance for my Coming Here.
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To the powers that sent those beings to be evil and stupid neighbours real life
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