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 Merry Christmas Everybody!

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PostSubject: Merry Christmas Everybody!   Thu Dec 25, 2014 5:07 pm

Hi, Bon dia, Bones festes, Bon Nadal i Molts d'anys!
Smile Razz flower Razz Smile

and not for offending. God Bless Children and All Goodness in Everybody, from the Best of my heart!
Smile Razz Laughing Razz Smile

Preparing for Christmas dinner. Here, Mallorca, it's even more traditional than yesterday's night.
These days............... Wow, Good.
Yesterday, me the Santa Claus.
I was more nervous than when I made my performance at 12, selected, express terms, by my Teacher I've been talking about.
It was not a De Niro, not a Pacino and not a Hanks, either, but it was so Good.
The pressure was about Kids Could Believe, 4 years old, and They REally Did!
It was so Funny and affraid the preparation -as all little things that I like to make big; well I guess it's no my creation but the way they Truly are-; the preparation. I'll post a picture as soon as I can so True.
I was nervous, but I had to be pulled out of the house from parents Laughing party smiley cheers I was having such a Great Time with Kids Believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will Never forget their face in that time when they kissed my beard. Unique Moment in Time!!!!!!!!
I was not authorized to talk, but as emulation coming from my spirit created through all these last years from wave Movies, I did, and it was Believed.
Only two things else about this: first, they were so Focused in the toys and, also, I was almost unconscientiously pulled to talk some traditional sentences to them, by the Emotion of the Moment.
"Jou, Jou, Jou" was quite lyrically made by me, among other things lol!
("jo, u" = "me, one" Smile Razz Laughing Razz Smile )
It was Great.
I ended the Celebration of the Day/Night by some Reading. Quite wave Razz cheers
Enjoying All!
Is it authorized by Legitimacy of Morals, to lie to kids that way? I've been asking myself too.
Well, it's just Entering their World. They don't have to be adults before this time come.
We're not entering into their minds any confussion, just a re-creation of their Innocent Dreams.
Can that be bad? I don't think so at all!
They'll have more than enough time to See the good and the bad from the Real World. But Not it's their Time.
And, after them, mine and of us All!
flower love smiley flower

I have written a good number of lines that I think are quite important, in this morning, and in a while I'll share it. Have to go to see how dinner state of cooking is, and depending on it, I'll share them just following this post or after the blessing meal.
Loving, Brooke Love!! So True. I've Been Thinking so Much of You. Tonight, I did even Dreamed of You, but I can not share, True, because it was not a subject able to see for kids, and these Days should be ONLY THEIRS.
See in a while, but Always!!
cheers flower cheekey smiley hasi love smiley hasi cheekey smiley flower cheers
action smiley
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: Merry Christmas Everybody!   Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:05 pm

Smile Razz flower Razz Smile

Those Pictures!
And I was not talking about "movies", though in the night so many things get moved!!
True, in Dreams!!
Smile Razz Laughing Razz Smile

Did come with some fever for the battle. NICE and Real Smile Exclamation
Antonio Machado, not so mistakenly but not totally right, says, about anglosaxon people says that they are "pueblos de presa". At some other place, he says, only english People do know to fight and smile and have fun at the same time.
Well, or I do have anglosaxon roots, or, though the genetic history of nations (not politic terms now, talking anthropologic and cultural terms) has its importance, things depend so much on circumstances of each personal and subjective living and circumstances.
I don't like to make big generalities like that from Machado. In those points, the way he talks about nations, at some moment, I do disagree with the Author.
Though, at some other point says that the real Art is for the People, not for aristocracy of the "Big and High and Selected Culture"; and adds, those writers were Cervantes for spanish ones, Shakespeare for english, Tolstoi for russians... And, ends saying, those did write for the Human too.
One thing I Do Like so High from his opinions is what he says about masses. He says this modern and, already (preparing for its incoming), postmodern concept is taking People and Human just as some physical and mesurable volume and quantity, ready to be manipulated.
He Understands Literature as and Art for the People and for Human, as Personal and Diverse and Free Subjectivity.
I also do think generalitzations in the field of politics are too simplistic, always. That's another text part where I do disagree with him.
I Do really Like his Critic Spirit, and his anticinic perspective, though not the cinic as philosophical school, but in the modern sense, which was made up in the language of the people as a consequence of the global oposition (for the lack of knowledge and for the lack of interest, maybe because too inconvenient for many times), as a ball of snow growing up along its way, to this school of thinking. Jesus was not so far from Diógenes el cínico.
Those "Evangelios apócrifos" (María Magdalena...) that were found in the 50's of the XX century in Egypt are a Real Question to be under Discussion I think. The role of María Magdalena...
I've got many things to say today.
One more post now.
God Bless and on the True Loving!
flower love smiley flower
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Merry Christmas Everybody!
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