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 Happy Halloween my Dear Love!

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PostSubject: Happy Halloween my Dear Love!   Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:58 am

I know the right thing to do is some disguise, traditional and innovating if possible, but I thought this Image is the Nearest Vision to what I Want to Tell You through Your Eyes (well, after my beauty -Thank You, I'm not denying any good comment, but please understand I can not take it very seriously, only talking about it make me Laughing ; not because I am not believing, but because it's the way I am, I Embarassed too much about and also don't like to be much distinguished, to be True, "All the Same", I think deep inside, and for this, that Smile Smile ).
What a wave talk, and I only Wanted to Post the Halloween Picture.
There's something that's not disguise, from Picture, the Feeling is the Same, and Better and Better day by day action smiley 
cheekey smiley flower love smiley flower cheekey smiley 

ps: I Need that Strenght in You, to Breathe and Live, Lady!!
cheekey smiley hasi cheekey smiley 
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: Happy Halloween my Dear Love!   Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:47 pm

Smile Hi!! Smile 
cheers cheekey smiley cheers 

It's some Fun.
I took a look at the Videos in Brooke Section from the Day, and for some Fun, videos:
- adagio in g minor
- "choose me" movie with keith carradine and lesley ann warren, "pensaba qué sentiría al besarte"
- Song from Great Sal Mineo "Start Movin"
- "Run to You" Song...
flower Wink  Smile cheers Smile Wink flower 

I Mean, I am, just mental terms nothing about social prestige or anything like that, in another level, but I've seen there's Interest for the Fighting Fun.
So, this I'm Doing, upon "ideas" from Videos of the Day, like to test for testing my state of mind... action smiley 
Did I do my exam well? Wink Smile 
God Bless You All, I'm Just Fun. Brooke Understands, and All who may Know, from the whole complete context of things.
I'm ONLY doing for Fun and for Good.
Loving Very Much!! There's nothing weird in Loving.
And, Please, I DO SWEAR, the subject for doctorating came as a Light, suddenly. The joke beneath it, about teaching years from Great Rorty, came after, for Play.
There's a BIG SENSE in what I'm wanting to do.
As study of case, "crucial", in terms of methodology of social sciences -by this I'm showing the holistical perspective I'm taking, under the mastery of Philosophy, for Conceptuality Deep- ; Want to Take All DEEP WISDOM from Thinking of Richard Rorty, and give a little turn upon it, coming back to Philosophy. He started in it, as a searcher of "The Truth", almost platonic terms -POWER OF ABSOLUTE NOT AS EXPERIENCE OF EMOTION IN HUMAN MIND BUT AS FIXING CONCEPTUALITY; too much hard to me-, and ended in Literature. Albert Camus, in his Accepting of Nobel Talked about Power of Literature for Progress of Human Conscience too. It's something well known, but not so much in the perspective of a Wise Philosopher.
I Want to Take All his Good Reasons, and Come back to another kind of Philosophy, different to the one that he took as the Good in his beginning; some Theoric, but Holistic, Closing of Cercle, I Want.
It's MUCH BIGGER than it Seems, this Study, for All Implications in it.
It's a Key for Taking Off, and only talking about my Career now.
Career for Doing Good for HUMAN.
Shared, Love!!
flower love smiley flower 

ps: see later another post!!action smiley 
Cool Razz Cool 
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Happy Halloween my Dear Love!
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