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 To Brooke's Heart!

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PostSubject: To Brooke's Heart!   Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:38 pm

Smile Smile 

came for the last post of the day.
It's being some light days at work, on these august days, less weight of task.
I Wanted to Post some Picture of Face, as I was taking a Look to All Pictures, All I've got.
But, and this is True, when I was searching, I opened the one I've posted today, and the pen fell down from my fingers.
Then I thought, on those ways of mine, this Picture, as Deserved Tribute, should be the Only One Posted Today, because of so Much.
Nothing about reducing vision or too much focusing pulsions, just The Real Hearted Beauty that it is.
Yes, this World could never be the same without You. It would be so different, and much less Beautiful and Meaningful.
I would not find sense. Oh, How Deep You're in my Heart.
No matter years or anything, each Day You're a little More Under my Skin, Touching my being in a wider and wider ocean of emotions.
Now I'm stopping, because this is enough.
I'm Living quite Fine. Though I'd want to break my lips by Kissing You, I'm quite Fine.
You're so Deep inside of me that You can Touch any button of My Soul You May Want. If You Want me to SURVIVE AND LIVE by this Way, I'll Can, because there's no Good Place of My Mind You can not Touch and Make it Rock&Roll, Music, Colors, Parfumes of Your Essence Alive to be Breathed, Visions of Paradise to last Forever and Heaven between You and Me.
Happy, Have to Say that after talking this True terms, my heartbeats are quite UNDER CONTROL, and my Thoughts I Do Drive Easy.
Because I've Worked so Much, because I Do Care about You, so that I can't understand how I can be able to.
flower See later, I Love You, my Happiness!! flower 
cheekey smiley love smiley cheekey smiley 
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: To Brooke's Heart!   Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:48 pm

Hello, Good times!!
Smile Smile 

Coming quite Well. Started writing, and I've got a page done. I've even drawn two notes at "feet of page" (some LOL literal translation), and that's saying very much for me.
How are things!!
Don't know if You could see, but there were some "naughty" Videos today, in the morning.
Well, one moment for saying I came in the morning for doing same routine as when I go Working. I mean, coming Here, eat some "frugal" meal and Work. Good for Brain.
Also, one more moment for saying I'm coming because See How brain is doing very Well, and things are going on Very Well about academic Task. Yeah! I mean, Brain Focused and FINE! cheers party smiley 
It's this level of concentration, no space for improvisations from creativity, I've started to achieve.
That state of mind for doing those kind of things used to asfixiate me some. Now, not at all.
Liking this "like scientist" Working! Rolling on with Data, Well Fixed on the paper: origen and literal saying. Well, later some creativity.
In fact, I think the good staying is because my brain feels how it's All Creativity, just the simple selecting of material data is Creative! Great! Not asfixiated at all, the opposite. Open Air!
party smiley tongue smiley party smiley 

Coming back to Videos Twisted Evil Smile Wink , have to say size was not correct, at the very least about me.
The Maximus is quite bigger, modesty appart.
But, I am usuaully careful about places where I am able to Make those kind of Exhibitions. In other case... You Know... Smile Laughing Smile 
Now it's All OK.
I'm Dealing Well with "no Sex". It's the Fair and the Moral Right!
I Do Have to Admit, with some Embarassed , that there was a time, for All put together, that I Did Truly Feel my pennis Hurting, for some soments. He, but I Do Love him as a daughter Smile Laughing Smile , Did Always Work, but the price was some NOT WANTED (me Not, Truly, liking that "sadomasoquismo") hurting.
Since quite pretty long time, We are Healthy geek (but we're not being "used" as much as we'd like!!).
Smile Laughing But, remember, the "maxsize" would be bigger!! Laughing Smile 
Smile lol! Smile 

Now Going to some Messages, Inspirating, from Friends!
God Bless!
Brooke, Remember that I Love You Always, not matter if You did not Love me, I'd Love You the same, I Know and Swear!!
flower love smiley flower 

ps: But You Do Love me, right?
Smile Cool Smile 
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To Brooke's Heart!
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