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 my Good Friend:

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Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: my Good Friend:   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:59 pm

only one more time.  LOL
In the "hermeneutical" LOL mode of interpreting things.
I'm quite Well and Good about Everybody.  Not angry or disturbed.
I mean, if Looking Directly it's OK, I am not more anything than anybody else, ABSOLUTE and that does not admit a simple little discussion.
And Believe me, that's How I Think and Feel!
Peace and Love!
flowerlove smileyflower

ps: maybe brain works well, but how much I wish to go to the beach (finally some rhyme, fun!) and take a bath at the sea (bikinis will not be a problem, hahaha, sorry, I had to laugh for what I said SmileSmileSmile) and Watch something on TV and Rest.
But there's Work to be Done (and please, don't tell anybody I am using this for convincing myself WinkSmile).
flower I Love You so, Brooke!! flower
flowerlove smileycheekey smileylove smileyflower
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: my Good Friend:   Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:45 pm

Smile action smiley 

How are things!
I've been copying the last text, just as reference for the conclusions for tasking. It's just for keeping well, but in fact I remember all. Well, some manias.
Today have been working too.
Thank You Very Much Everybody for Very Nice Videos, Pictures and All!
It's quite Warm, Actually!
Can not say the same about the Baby. She, each time sees Xisca or me, thinks we're going to take her away from mom, because she spent days with us, and as she's so unused...
To explain it graphic terms, among all ladies in her party, the one who payed less attention at me was her. geek 
My problem is that I am too much watched, crowdedly terms cyclops , and... Smile  I've got eyes but...
Some fun.
But well, I'm sure next year it will be Much Better. It's Normal! As I said, from the very first time, talking Seriously, it's not a substitutive thing, as parenting. But well, I've got a bond with the Baby.
love smiley 

Very Nice Videos, Brooke.
Thermostat regulations. Yes, I think it's one of reasons. There's a couple we know, Friends, that the problem is about the hour for going bed. If he arrives when she's sleeping, he usually wakes up her, no matter how carefully he gets into. And when this happens. Oh my. Now, they go to bed in time.
I had this problem. Now it's quite erased by two beds. There's the advantage that you can hug when you want, or when you're let to (I think gentlemen will understand).
I sleep better this way.
The truth is that the more I go deeply into Concepts, the coldest I'm feeling. And it does not feel totally bad.
But sometimes I get so lost into concepts that seems I could almost lose touch from real world.
Believe it or not, to come Here Truly Helps.
I've just thought now for a second about the reason, and think it's because I'm Coming with Selfconscience , about the World Around (not conceptual but touchable, even by virtual comunication), at high levels, yes.
At the same Time, though, the Love becomes such a Clear Expression of Feelings, with one face and All faces at the same time. Not sure if explaining well what I want to mean.
It feels good, anyway.
Well, I'm going for a walk. Yesterday did not and today not yet.
God Bless, I Love You. See tomorrow.
I've got good Working days ahead, but quite Satisfied about Reached Concepts. It's like I had already done the task, but this is just about the abstraction level in my head. I've got to put things into paper well developed from bases of Author. Amazing Professor to me! I've Learnt a lot, in fact!
flower love smiley Brooke, I Love You Very Much, See later. World Makes Sense!! love smiley flower 
tongue smiley action smiley 

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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: my Good Friend:   Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:10 pm

Well, my Folks (I Like this Funny Expression!),

I'm going.
Feeling quite Well. Empowering the Situation.
There's a pretty big task waiting for me toda in the evening. Now I've got wishes.
I've found out it's better to let some time pass when you're some tired from focusing in studying and take it stronger later than keep and keep in front of the task with low results.
Well, as I said, FRIENDLY.
Meaning, I've Found. Normal Coming in Friendly Place! cheers party smiley 
And it's so Good to have this place, for Real and Certain Touch of Reality. Good!
Thank You for All, from Heart.
See later, I Love You True All! action smiley 
flower love smiley flower 
Smile Smile Smile 
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: my Good Friend:   Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:10 pm

Hi action smiley 
Smile Smile 

How are All the things!
Please, listen, if Everybody is going to keep this Nice behaviour in time, how am I supposed to be angry with anybody?
No, no, this way is OK. Keeping Friends, Working Together, I mean!
Smile Smile Smile 

It's very Blessing. I'm not angry with anybody. True.
I took things too personal because, more than anything, there was Brooke in the place. In any other case, I'd have gone quite quiet to another place. Well, not necessary to keep talking anymore.
I thought She Hated me.
I was Very Mad, and so easily angry with All!
Now I'm Doing FINE. True!
Good Emotions. I was wrong.
I Understand the Implications of All. I was blinded for sexual attraction.
Now some fun for ending the subject:
I'm so focused, for last days, that even the visible quantity of some kind of things, "conclusions" of certain "acts" geek Laughing Smile has considerably dicreased. It's True!
Mental aspect is Very Important!
I've become Conscious!
Talking about my Task. I'm tired, but not too much. After "siesta" will go for a walk, and after it and stretching, the last point of work, my "esotheric" philosophical positions.
I was joking, "esotheric" because they are very personal, and critic, but I think they're Good.
In a, VERY INTENTIONEDLY MADE, CONSTRUCTIVE PERSPECTIVE, I'm bringing my positions. Useful for "The Understanding".
I will share Extract, most important ideas. I am not sure if have been read directly from task from computer, so... I'm Sharing. But, in fact, I am not hiding anything at all. Main ideas I had shared Here before.
Well, I feel less tired because I've set free my "mental horse", for riding along places that are REally Natural to this my "animal". Some fun. But Expressing REal.
Brooke, I Love You Very Much!!
God Bless, Wishing the Very Best for Everybody! Love!
Tomorrow delivering the task. Of course, I'll come one moment or another in the morning when I can.
Brooke, You're a True Inspiration, as Beautiful Model and as Beautiful Person, and as Love to be Loved!!
flower cheekey smiley love smiley cheekey smiley flower 
Smile action smiley Smile 

ps: Best of Memories came back so Easy to Mind, and my Heart just have to Embrace You to Feel Fine for Life!
Smile hasi Smile 
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: my Good Friend:   Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:32 pm


have come for sharing I've got a 10 points degree in last subject I studied.
Very Happy Smile Laughing cheers 
I think I did not remember last time. Well, I do. Mathematics when 13 years old. Had inspired year, for All, and had quite many 10. Truly.
Now only waiting for last one, Princiapal. Conversations are being Very Useful about it.
Come on!
Potensi! Want books soon back. Now I've got appointment for next thursday. At ten! geek Very Happy Laughing Smile 
Smile Smile Smile 
action smiley 

ps: We can Be Big!
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 13873
Anmeldedatum : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: Re: my Good Friend:   Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:54 pm

Vestit vermell, valor i ombra d'ulls,
força del cor sempre en la mirada
i la tendresa, que és filla de bondat,
són el mosaic del teu permanent record.
flower love smiley flower 

ps: We're All Together in this!
Smile cheers Smile 

psII: talking about silences, do You really think I'd ever try to put one bad hand on You? Shocked Neutral 
Smile  action smiley Smile 
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PostSubject: Re: my Good Friend:   

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my Good Friend:
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