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 SAHARA, Beauty

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PostSubject: SAHARA, Beauty   Tue May 29, 2012 1:06 pm

flower flower

Yes, I Want You to be Mine!!
Smile love smiley Smile

Love's Possessive, Love's Giving All!!
flower flower

And for this, Love also Means Good Care from Reason too, I know.
So, We're Making, We're FASCINATINGLY MAKING!!
flower party smiley party smiley flower

And, in this True Love, who is also (for ways I talked before) Unselfish and Pure and Real, I am Finding New Wills for Hearted Mental fighting for Good!
Just read some article, the kind of simply "deconstructive" one, the big Bad thing that made so much wrong to our society, because deconstructionism is pure cinism if it does not come by the company of some Hearted Creativity, Moral.
I am talking about situations when People discuss deep terms about The Important. Not necessary writing poems or making movies or theatre, just Needing The "Intention", some kind of Perspective for JUST the Trying for Making Something, Modestly, but Try.
Creativity Moves, without some kind of "innocent" emptiness of mind, related to obvious negative facts of living, we will all stay the same.
Is really there anybody who does not think that things could and should change for better, SOCIAL Terms Now?
flower flower flower

Sorry, Brooke, but Context of Movie Helped for saying things I've always Believed.
flower love smiley love smiley love smiley love smiley flower
action smiley
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SAHARA, Beauty
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